Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Don't Be Sad, It's ur Journey

there are 3 things in this world .. that after u do it or miss it .. u can never take back ..

1) time .. time passed .. u never can get back ..
2) chance - u need to catch the chances .. if u miss out this chance .. u can never get back the same chance with the same offer again
3) words .. things u said .. after u said something .. u can never say .. i take back .. sorry i did't say that before ..
whatever said is said

so .. u think for yourself .. u r the one that control your life .. not others
so u can decide for your own
then .. think already ..

u made choices and u don't look back
so .. if u decided u want that .. go ahead ..
never afraid of what it will becomes .. coz no one knows what it will becomes
and make sure no regrets

so .. when u make decision time
if u are not sure .. if u hesitate .. then don't simply go for it ..
u only go for it when u are very sure .. NO hesitations

so NO regrets

no one can help u think but urself .. u can only refer to other people advises

now in this time .. at this place .. someone come to u .. this is the time and a chance ... whether u able to catch this chance or not .. so it is up to you ..

so this chance come to you .. whatever decision u made .. then u said .. then cannot take back .. so gotta think carefully.......

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